Are bees allowed within city limits?

Yes, apiaries and honeybees are allowed in some areas with a valid permit and specific restrictions. Effective September 2023, personal animal raising is allowed in the city with application and site plan approval. Bee colonies must be kept in hive structures with removable combs, with a minimum setback of 5 feet from any property line, 10 feet from a public sidewalk, and 25 feet from a principal building on an abutting lot. If located within 25 feet of a property line, a flyway barrier 6 feet in height must be established 10 feet beyond the colony in each direction. Hives must be secured and properly maintained, and a convenient water source available. Colony densities are limited by lot size. Unusually aggressive colonies must be requeened by the beekeeper. Swarms, colonies without hive structures, or abandoned hives must be destroyed or removed from the city.  See Oskaloosa Municipal Code Section 17.06.120(3)(c) for more information.

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