Do I need a permit for a shed or other accessory building?

A permit is required for sheds or other accessory buildings one hundred twenty (120) square feet or larger. The maximum height of accessory buildings is the greater of twenty (20) feet or the height of the principal structure. All accessory buildings must be at least five (5) feet from the rear lot line, accessory buildings under fifteen (15) feet in height require five (5) feet from interior lot lines if located between the rear building line of the principal building and the rear property line. An additional one (1) foot setback is required for every two (2) feet above fifteen (15) feet in height, up to the minimum requirements of the zoning district. The accessory building must be located five (5) feet from other buildings on the lot. Accessory buildings may not be closer than twenty (20) feet from any street right-of-way. See Oskaloosa Municipal Code Section 17.05 for more site development regulations.  

Title 17. Chapter 17.24, Section 17.24.030 B.6

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