What are the standards for vacant building inspections?

In general, buildings must be structurally sound, weathertight and secure, maintained and in good repair, with no openings or missing materials.  The premises must be free of trash or debris, public walkways free of snow or ice, and no excessive vegetation or other public nuisances as defined by the Oskaloosa Municipal Code.  A checklist for vacant buildings is available at https://www.oskaloosaiowa.org/619/Vacant-Buildings Please refer to chapter 15.34 of the Oskaloosa Municipal Code for a full description. 

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1. Why did the city adopt the vacant buildings code?
2. Do I need to register my building?
3. How much does this cost?
4. What is considered a “vacant building”?
5. What is considered “unoccupied”?
6. What do I need to provide with registration?
7. What is the deadline to register my building?
8. What if I have more than one building on my property?
9. Must I register if my building is partially vacant?
10. If I use my building for storage, do I need to register it?
11. Do I need to register my vacant lot?
12. Are there any exemptions?
13. How long is my registration valid?
14. Can I get a refund if my vacant building later becomes occupied or is sold?
15. What is the penalty for not registering my building?
16. What are the standards for vacant building inspections?
17. Am I required to occupy my vacant building?
18. I received a letter from the city but my building is not vacant. What do I do?
19. Can I file an appeal?