Code Enforcement/Community Improvement

​​​​The city of Oskaloosa has codes in place to keep our community safe and attractive for residents and visitors alike. If you have a concern, please report it online by clicking the "Request Tracker" icon below or contact the Fire Department at 641.673.3541. The Fire Department handles such issues as illegal signs, junk vehicles, property maintenance concerns, etc.

Once contacted about a possible code violation the necessary steps will be taken to resolve the issue. Oftentimes this involves a single phone call to the property owner with a friendly reminder. On occasion issues may take longer to resolve due to foreclosures, absentee property owners or other complications.

Click to Report a Concern

Request Tracker

When you report a concern, you will be asked to provide detailed information. This will ensure that we have all the information needed to address the concern. If you are uncertain as to what constitutes a code violation, please feel free to contact us at (641) 673-3541.