Deer Hunting

Oskaloosa Deer Hunting

City Council’s passage of Ordinance No. 1280, amending City Code 9.28.010, will permit controlled deer hunting in the city of Oskaloosa during specified hunting seasons allowed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). Bow hunting only will be permitted on areas of at least one acre. The hunter must have passed a proficiency test and be issued an IDNR Oskaloosa Deer Tag from the Mahaska County Recorder’s Office. Only bow and arrow and crossbow and bolt are permitted, and must meet the IDNR regulations on draw weight. Hunting must be made from an elevated position not more than 25 yards from the hunter’s location. Firearms are prohibited, and only deer may be hunted.

Hunters must complete all necessary agreements with the landowner, and purchase all necessary State of Iowa hunting licenses and permits.

Additional Information

Hunting requirements and restrictions, harvest information, tagging information, along with permit information, are available at the Oskaloosa Police Department, 214 High Avenue East, Oskaloosa, Iowa. Call 641.673.3201 for more information.